Why should your yoga be hot?

Why should your yoga be hot?

  • The most effective weight loss - up to 1000 kcal per session.

    Regular Hatha yoga burns up to 255 calories, 332 aerobics, jogging to 490.
  • Cleansing and removing toxins from your body with sweat.

    Deep warming to the bones and muscles tension contribute to maximum water yielding ability and detox.
  • Healthy appearance.

    The elimination of toxins and normalization of metabolism make skin radiant and healthy.
  • Youth of soul and body.

    Cleansing, normalization of the exchange, regeneration and cheerful spirit slow down the aging process.
  • Relief from back pain, joint pain and other pain.

    The spine relaxes and stretches, cervical spine is strengthened and back pain and the pain of the head disappear.
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout

  • Pain in back and joints

  • Swelling and excess fluid.

  • Comedones on the face.

  • Excess weight.

  • Stiffness of muscles.

  • Consequences of injury.

  • Meteosensitivity.

  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia of mild and moderate severity.

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Upcoming classes for today

ВремяЗанятиеt залаПодготовка
10:00-11:30 Iyengar Yoga 25 Базовый
13:00-14:15 YH Intensive 40 Продвинутый

How much is it and how can I become a member?

The first 7 days - 400 UAH only! To become our client is as easy as to count to 5


We will call you and choose the most convenient date and time for the first lesson. The Manager will tell you what you need to take, how to dress, how to get to us and where to park the car.


At the first meeting the administrator will conduct a tour of the club, will show all of the premises, explain the rules of the club and will choose the optimal mode of lessons for you.


The first lesson takes place in the group and gives a complete picture of the future trainings. Then follows a lesson with an instructor who explains in detail the implementation of all positions and fixes them with you.


Use the programme "Hot start" - the first 7 days of club access is only 380 UAH, for this time you can learn all the programs and choose the best for yourself.


Choose a subscription with a starting discount. You can choose a convenient format of visits. From a one-time payment, a pass for 4/8 lessons and up to an unlimited subscription from 1 month to one year.

Unlimited subscriptions Yoga Hot

Advantageous offer for regular classes 3 or more times a week. The longer the subscription the more you save. For beginners extra hot 25% discount

1300 UAH for 1 month

Or 180 UAH at a time, if you go 3 times a week

2325 UAH for 3 months
price without discount is 3100 UAH

The cost of the months 775 UAH
Or 65 UAH at a time, if you go 3 times a week
Save -40%
3975 UAH for 1 month (morning)
price without discount is 5300 UAH

Or 79 UAH at a time, if you go 3 times a week
Save -40%

Passes for Yoga Hot

Best offer for hot yoga classes from time to time.

190 UAH
for 1 yoga class

Standard visit at any time on a schedule

600 UAH
for 4 yoga classes

For 1 yoga class 150 UAH
Standard visit at any time on a schedule
Save 21%
950 UAH
for 8 yoga classes

For 1 yoga class 119 UAH
Standard visit at any time on a schedule
Save 37%

Additional services to make your hot yoga lesson
comfortable and carefree.

Rent of yoga-mat - 10 UAH

Rubber yoga mats are produced in Germany specifically for hot yoga. The mats are resistant to heat and have increased resistance to the slide

Rent of towels - 10 UAH

Towels from eco-friendly fabrics, washed with natural phosphate free powder

Water - 10 UAH

During hot yoga classes you will be actively sweating. To restore the water balance it is recommended to drink during the class from 0.5 l to 1 l of pure water

Personal trainer - 400 UAH

Personal session with a trainer will allow you to understand all the intricacies of the implementation of the positions and to increase the effectiveness of training

The benefits of hot yogi for beginners

Most simple positions and increased elasticity of ligaments -
this combination quickly can do a yogi from a beginner.

In what cases will Hot yoga be most effective?

Hot yoga will help as quickly as possible and usefully cope with the following situations:

Lose weight quickly for beach season
Quickly enhance stretching (do the splits)
Remove backache and pain in neck area
Recover after childbirth
Prepare for sports competitions
Cleanse the body of toxins
Start doing yoga for beginners
Look beautiful and naturally
Make muscles on the body more relief
Help for dance classes (strip dance)